We met through Mark's older brothers. Even though he swore he would never date Nicole, a week later we were dating, five months later we were engaged, and 10 months later we were married... because when you know you know! We both had our own businesses, until we realized we really are better together and started Pasternack + Co. 

We love nothing more than watching Princess movies with our sweet girls, Amelia and Ruthie, family trips to Ikea, hosting dinner parties, making everyone feel like family, traveling the world, and being together. 

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mark's day is not complete without 4 cups of coffee

caffeine  makes nicole jittery, so she's a hot tea snob

Mark can run 9 miles on the fly without training

nicole prefers netflix marathons... usually gray's anatomy

Mark's happy hour choice is bourbon

Nicole could pop a bottle of champagne every day

Chocolate is mark's love langauge

Nicole eats a bowl of ice cream every night before bed

we both love our sweet girls, amelia + Ruthie

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